Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's a Very, Very, Very Long Way to The Top ........

Jesus Kripes -- The Gadfly is approaching the middle stage of Grampaville and yet he just cant let go of his youth  ... or yoot ...

Whatever .... Bon Scott was one of The Gadfly's indomitable rock and fucking roll heroes as a young, know-nothing little turd from nowhere, America.  And the sonofabitch let him down by dying by choking on his own alcohol soaked fucking vomit in the back of a car in south London on February 19, 1980.  Yeah .. The Gadfly fucking remembers the fucking date.  What does that tell you?

Anyhow, it doesn't alter the soulful vibe that that man injected in to rock music.  I dare any fucking modern rock singer to try and duplicate this song and make it sound just as goddamn interesting and exciting:

The Gadfly rests his case.


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