Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm a Human Being GOD DAMN IT! MY LIFE HAS VALUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the graph that sends shivers down the spine of the Koch Brothers and the rest of the .01% elites (not unlike this fucking loser), and is the motivation behind their funding and propaganda efforts which support the Tea Party and equally corporate friendly politicians.

Guess what?  America is becoming homogenized and inter-racial relationships are becoming more acceptable.  Oh horror of horrors for the old, white, business man establishment -- huh?

The Gadfly has no fucking sympathy for the white supremacy losers and rest of that crowd who feel "White Power"  is the nation's salvation.  They are misfit morons who don't even realize that they and their archaic views are on the instinct list for this future world.

This is what is prompting the escalated plans by state governments to restrict voting rights -- as dictated by Republican officials.

This is why they are panicking dear readers.  They see that graph above and they know that they'er fucking white guy days are numbered.  It's self preservation.

And to that The Gadfly says --- fuck them.  No mercy.  Stomp them.  They have had 200 fucking years of elite white guy power ..... enabled by a political system that they themselves constructed ... only they left a back door solution ... it's called:

The Gadfly is just a shitty little blogger.

Who and what are you dear reader?


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