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And The Prophet Shall Speaketh From the Interboobz .........

It's a big club kids  . . . . and you ain't in it ..................


Be Human ...

The Gadfly has been a supporter for years ... don't donate on my word alone, investigate them and then wonder why you haven't been open to their appeals for support.

These folks too:

Money better spent with doing real change in the world than buying a McDonalds fucking hamburger.


The Moors --- the Fucking Moors ... . . . .

Chris Walken, Dennis Hopper -- the "N" word.

Can't get any better.

Setting aside your sensibilities on the vulgarity scale, you have to admit, this is some fucking classic cinema shit here boys and girls:

God Bless Dennis Hopper's soul.  From one old biker to another.


Just Watch The Freaking Movie .............

The Gadfly is on a rare roll, so might as well go the Full Monty and bare it all.

The Gadfly cried and still cries at this scene:

. . ..  The Gadfly is an old man.  Allow him his few remaining reasons for having faith in humanity.


Out of The Mouths of Babes . . . . . .

Hey --- kudos to the good samaritan action, but what kind of sociopath stages a smiling photo-op with the wreckage?

Like father like son??

Jennifer Dobner
SALT LAKE CITY, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Josh Romney, the son of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, took to Twitter on Friday to share his role in helping a family whose SUV had crashed into a house in a Salt Lake City suburb.

The Gadfly is certain more than ever that America dodged a bullet by not putting that spiritually famished family in power.


Bawitdaba! . . . . . .

The Gadfly occasionally finds his self short of wing nut material to expound upon, and therefore, finds it necessary to fill down time with some of his own indulgences ......  The Gadfly sincerely hopes you will not be bored . . . . . . :)

Back when The Gadfly was a still a somewhat relevant old fuddy duddy dad of teenagers, this fellow came on the scene ... and The Gadfly thought it might actually be the long sought after bridge between his hard rock 70's roots and his children's music tastes.  Anyhow, Kid Rock came pretty damn close to bridging that gap -- scary as it might be.    The Gadfly still knows his r 'n r tho ... and good on Kid Rock for growing up with his music. ......


Lighten Up Kids -- It's Only Rock n' Roll . . . . .

Ok ... before we get too serious here dear readers --- The Gadfly does have his "fun" side.

In fact, The Gadfly was just thinking that this song makes him think as if George W. Bush was his ex-girl friend.

Imagine that . . . .

----TFG :)

Blood .... what is it good for? . . . . . . . Absolutely Everything ......

The Gadfly has a sufficiently healthy lineage of pure barbarian in his bloodlines to be mildly annoying to conventional wisdom and to the powers that be.  Chalk me right up with ol' Tom Jeff.

Oh -- and FBI --- Fuck you and you can park this one in my seditious (and sarcastic) asshole folder.


All Shitty Things Must Come To an End . . . . .

Mike Huckabee's radio show is coming to an end.
The Mike Huckabee Show on radio, which was heard 3 hours a day on over 200 radio stations across the country since April of 2012 will conclude its run at the end of the final show on Thursday, December 12,” Huckabee wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

One less lying, misinforming, character smearing right-wing gasbag polluting the public airwaves.



"I want a fucking car, right fucking now."

The story of The Gadfly's life -- metaphorically speaking of course.  Lol.


The Gadfly Believes in It --- Do You? . . . .

Just an old hippie cowboy who actually believes in the concept of love:


And The Lord Gave Us Assholes ..... Praise!!

Enjoy yourself some advertiser free Lewis --- hurry before the suit and tie corporate pricks pull the plug:

God, in his infinite wisdom blessed us idiot humans with a few sages such as Lewis Black and George Carlin --- all the more you dear reader should bow down on bent knee and give thanks to assholes.

Because comedy is basically guys and gals, who a whole lot of non-thinking people consider assholes, publicly expressing their thoughts on life.



There Is Room For Improvement . . . . .

Don't get The Gadfly wrong -- he is grateful to be an American.

But part of the worldly responsibility of our unique heritage is recognizing the shit part of our past and realistically coming to terms with it.

Because until this country collectively agrees that the subject matter of this song does not make an "exceptional" nation, then we will never learn or grow, or deserve respect:


USA! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Take a look in to the mirror America --- this is You:

The shopping frenzy surrounding Black Friday has already led to a number of violent incidents across the country.
Starting as early as Thursday night, shootings and stabbings have been reported at retailers in several states. Among the most violent episodes happened yesterday at a Kohl's in Romeovile, Ill., when an alleged shoplifter dragged a police officer from his car before being shot in the arm by other law enforcement officers present at the scene, The Chicago Tribune reports.
A shooting was also reported Thursday night in Las Vegas. Two assailants reportedly attempted to steal a TV from a man who had recently purchased it. After arguing, the man was shot in the leg before the attacker sped off in his car, leaving the TV behind, CBS News 8 reports. In an email sent to The Huffington Post, Kohl's said it was "cooperating with the authorities leading the investigation" into the incident.
A police officer in Rialto, Calif., was also injured Thursday night when a fight broke out at a local Walmart.
In Virginia, a man was allegedly slashed with a knife during an altercation with another shopper over a parking space at a Walmart.
A stabbing was reported early Friday morning in Carlsbad, Calif. The victim in that case was stabbed in the stomach at the entrance of a mall, according to NBC San Diego.
Multiple instances of milder forms of violence, such as pushing and shoving over merchandise, have also been reported. Videos showing the frenzy over the deals have been shared on social media and various websites.

The Gadfly is typically not one for loss of words, but what more can be stated about something so obviously and tragically dumb?  Better the tongue be stilled that the point be realized.


Not Ashamed to Say So . . . . .

The Gadfly's best friend, who also happened to be his eldest son, passed away on July 3, 2012.

The Gadfly dearly missed his chubby ass imbibing in the plates full of turkey goodness and the accompanying beverages yesterday - Thanksgiving Day.

The Gadfly's son was a cool cat.   He was lost to the ages way too young, but forever immortalized in The Gadfly's mind just the way he was.  That kid loved life. He loved his wife. He loved The Gadfly's two granddaughters.  He had become a competent man and was making The Gadfly proud.

Then fate came a knocking, and in an instant, life changed for many.

The Gadfly is not going to get in to it deeply here, but suffice to say that if the manner in which the "supposedly" greatest healthcare system in the world  treated his son is indicative of the manner in which healthcare is regarded to society as whole --- then we're all fucked. And the sooner you all wise up to it, the better off we all will be.

The Gadfly is not a fan of "Obamacare".  The Gadfly feels it didn't go far enough towards the needed goal of destroying the healthcare insurance industry -- a collection of carcass feasting jackals if ever existed.

If The Gadfly lives to be an old man, it's with the hope that he will see in his lifetime a national healthcare system that is not driven by power and profit, but a system ensuring basic, free, and competent health care to every man, woman and child in the country.  And yes -- fuck the capitalists if they don't like it.


Where Does Corporate America Draw The Line? . . . . Apparently Nowhere ......

As much as The Gadfly tries to deny to himself the reality of what we have become as a society, at some point it does hit home.

It's quiet inside Macy's gargantuan flagship store in Manhattan's Herald Square, a half hour before the doors are set to open for the much-hyped annual shopping frenzy known as Black Friday.
Of course, it's not actually Friday. It's Thursday night. It's still Thanksgiving.
No matter. Lines snake out from each of the store's many entrances, hugging its exterior walls and curling around the block. Shoppers huddle together in the 32-degree chill, largely outfitted in puffy black coats and scarves wrapped around their necks. A New York Police Department van sits nearby, a half-dozen officers watching over the scene with semi-automatic rifles in hand. The largest crowd lingers outside the main entrance on Broadway, corralled in barricades so they don't spill out too far into the square. TV crews scamper around, documenting the scene.
I stand alongside a throng of photographers, cameramen and reporters who have stationed themselves around what will become the point of peak hysteria. We're right on the front lines, wedged between the Michael Kors and Coach displays that immediately greet shoppers at the entrance.

The Gadfly is old enough (perhaps too old) to remember when Thanksgiving was a holiday looked forward to for good food, distant family gathering together, crazy old uncle antics, football, and just an overall sense that there still remained a common, human thread between us all that signified caring for one another.

Black Friday.  At least they assigned the appropriate color for a day devoid of human dignity.

Oh and fuck you to the consumberbots enabling this shit.  You all deserve the shitty, apathetic society you're making for yourselves.


Obama Hates The Pope!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Hasn't this fucking blue-blood family caused enough damage to this country's standing and reputation in the world already?

Jeb Bush became the latest Republican to accuse President Obama of attacking Catholics by relocating the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican. In a tweet sent out on Wednesday, the former Florida governor questioned if Obama closed down the Embassy as “retribution for Catholic organizations opposing Obamacare”:

Why would our President close our Embassy to the Vatican? Hopefully, it is not retribution for Catholic organizations opposing Obamacare.

Ironically, the process of moving the embassy from its current location to the compound at the U.S. Embassy to Italy began under Jeb’s brother, President George W. Bush, whose administration purchased the buildings. The new location is actually a tenth of a mile closer to the Vatican and the move will come with no reduction in staff or activities.

This is how the right-wing lie machine works folks.  Manufacture some purely insipid, and totally made up outrage and then when confronted with the truth, double down on that outrage. Next -- enlist Fox "News" and prominent conservatives to propagate it through conservative media outlets, and voila! - the sheep will obediently follow.

It is sad that our society has devolved to this point, but on the positive side, it motivates people like The Gadfly to speak out and debunk the lies and bullshit.

Join the cause.  Don't let the liars and the bullshitters to dominate the public discussion of issues.


Catbert Observes . . . .

Believe it or not, there are pointy headed twerps who believe they know it all on the conservative side of the fence too.


By: Timothy Carney (Washington Examiner)
When Thanksgiving talk turns political, do you feel like you and your liberal relatives can't communicate?
It's okay. I can help you. I was born in Greenwich Village to a lawyer dad and community-organizer mom. I used to live on Capitol Hill, and now I live in Montgomery County in Maryland. I even served a year as an MSNBC contributor. This is all to say, I speak liberal.
You won’t win over your lefty in-laws with appeals to liberty. Those warnings about hubris that tickle your Edmund Burke nerve will ring hollow with Nephew Trevor, who is still infected with his 2008 case of Hope & Change. You need to speak their language.

Fucking sigh.  The old trope that all liberals are Edmund Burke (who the fuck still remembers him?) spouting, Latte sipping, Birkenstock wearing Vegans.

The Gadfly truly despises stereotyping unless the shoe fits.

Let's put this lazy, conservative crayon scribbling bullshit to rest once and for all.

Yes - The Gadfly is a liberal.  Happily and unabashedly so.

The Gadfly also likes NASCAR and the NFL.

The Gadfly has shot small furry critters with a gun and consumed them.

The Gadfly likes motorcycles and rides one, leather jacket and all.

The Gadfly likes old cars and John Wayne movies.

The Gadfly is quite fond of and has read and re-read The U.S. Constitution and considers himself quite learned on the subject.

The Gadfly is a military veteran.

So if Timothy Carney wishes to put his credibility as a journalist on the line in stating he believes that all liberals fit in to a nice, neat cookie cutter mold culled from the fevered imagination of Rush Limbaugh -- well that is his prerogative.  It's pure horseshit of course, but unless someone calls him on it, who's going to know - right?

Nonetheless, allow The Gadfly to highlight a few political positions that distinguishes his worldly view from the Timothy Carneys in life.  The Gadfly is of the belief that the United States government should be of the people, by the people and for the people, not just a few powerful and wealthy interests.  The Gadfly believes that government, in the hands of people who actually give a flying fuck about their fellow citizens, can be a positive force for change. The Gadfly does not believe corporations are people.  The Gadfly believes real human beings are people and that as real human beings, they deserve more protections under the law than do a small group of wealthy industrialists calling themselves a corporation do.  The Gadfly believes that government is a necessary evil that is required to maintain a check and balance on the unnecessary evil of capitalism run amok.  If those views makes The Gadfly a communist, then The Gadfly proudly displays his communist credentials for the entire world to see.

In the end - fuck Tim Carney for trying, and miserably failing, to pigeon-hole all liberals in to the pre-conceived frame that he pulled straight out of his own right wing ass.

The Gadfly rests his case.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Never Mind That Bloodbath Going On in The Background! . . . . .

Happy Gobble Gobble Day.

And who could forget this classic?

Lol.  Brings tears of joy to The Gadfly every time he watches it.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Interchangeable Calamities in Fox World: I Had to Wait an Hour and a Half on Hold! ~~~ I Had My Limbs Blown Off By an Errant Smart Bomb! . . .

Jeebus kripes on a shit sandwich:

Fox News' Martha MacCallum had this to say on Monday about the rollout of Obamacare:
“What I keep coming back to in all of this is unlike other issues — Katrina or the Iraq war —this is something that touches so many people’s lives across the country and you don’t know whether the president is going to be able to successfully dodge it.”

Sigh . . . .

Because yes bubble-head, blonde-bimbo, wingnut Fox "News" lady -- having to wait on hold on the phone for a couple of hours trying to sign up for an ACA health plan has equally affected the number of human lives that the Iraq war and it's aftermath has.

The Gadfly is convinced that Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes have mandated that, as the primary prerequisite for employment at Fox, all aspiring "news" division personalities must be willing to publicly humiliate themselves and denigrate their profession on air at appointed intervals just to prove their loyalty to the conservative cause.

Must suck to have the signature catch-phrase of your network ("Fair and Balanced") be nothing more these days than the punch line to a crude joke.


We All At Some Point in Life Have to Eat a Little Shit . . . So What's Her Beef?? . . .

She is a thin-skinned bitch isn't she?:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) said Sunday she accepted MSNBC host Martin Bashir's apology for derogatory remarks he made about her last week after she compared the national debt to slavery. She also said she stood by the comparison.
"The definition of slavery is to be beholden to a master, and we will be beholden when that note is due," she said during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday."
In response to Palin's initial comments, Bashir called her a "world class idiot." He then described a punishment that forced a slave to put "sh*t in his mouth" and said Palin would be an "outstanding candidate" for such a punishment. Bashir apologized soon after, saying his comments were "wholly unacceptable."
Palin said Sunday she accepted Bashir's apology.
"Who am I to not accept an apology?" Palin said. "Everyone must humble themselves and accept that offer of apology. But next time they want to say such a thing and then get the attention they were seeking after they said it, and then they want to call and apologize to me in private? I'd like them to go through Todd first or one of my children first. Leave a message with them. Hear what they have to say about it. And then they can come to me."

So not only does she get MSNBC's hapless Martin Bashir to apologize publicly, she then double's down on her own repugnant comments, comparing the national debt to slavery, which rightly stirred the ire of Bashir to begin with.

And of course this has to be the most arrogant statement of all, in fact you can simply hear the pompous venom oozing and dripping from every word -- "Who am I to not accept an apology? Everyone must humble themselves and accept that offer of apology. But next time they want to say such a thing and then get the attention they were seeking after they said it, and then they want to call and apologize to me in private? I'd like them to go through Todd first or one of my children first. Leave a message with them. Hear what they have to say about it. And then they can come to me."

Just fucking WOW!  Coming from one of the most prolific attention whores ever to disgrace American public life, that is some pretty rich shit there my friends.

It should come as no secret to you dear readers, that The Gadfly is not in possession of one iota of respect for the failed Vice Presidential candidate and former half-term Governor of Alaska, known commonly within these pages as "Caribou Barbie."  In fact -- The Gadfly staunchly believes that John McCain and the GOP ought to be banished to wander for 40 years in the political wilderness for foisting such a loathsome creature upon the American body politic to begin with.

In The Gadfly's, admittedly, not-so-humble view, Sarah Palin is one of the most vindictive, narcissistic, self-serving, obnoxiously uneducated, and sanctimonious politicians to come down the proverbial pike in quite some time - and that is even taking in to consideration the crowd of phony, moralizing hypocrites headed up by Newt Gingrich, who during his failed piety mission to bring down the Presidency of Bill Clinton for fibbing about a blow job, was himself participating in some extra-marital boinking.

While Bashir's broadcast exhortation that Palin literally eat shit for comparing the national debt to human slavery was indubitably uncouth for a prominent, national news show host, let's be honest here, such a jarring public rebuke of the Wasilla Wingnut was also long, long overdue. And no, unlike Martin Bashir, The Gadfly will not apologize for saying so - not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Not only was Palin's smug comment that the national debt is the societal equivalent to human bondage and cruelty on a scale so horrific that it nearly destroyed America's fledgling democracy less than 100 years in to it's infancy repulsive and egregious in and of itself, she also conveniently omits the fact that the majority of that national debt has been incurred under Presidents from her own Republican party.

Perhaps it is the cantankerous mutt mixture of Irish, Scandinavian, and Native American blood coursing through The Gadfly's old veins, but it is a simple fact that The Gadfly does not suffer insufferable charlatans like Sarah Palin gladly, and which is why he devotes a fair amount of his personal time and energy on the pages of this shitty little blog, to the necessary task of mercilessly exposing and mocking them.  And thus The Gadfly's sensibilities are not in any way offended by Martin Bashir's suggestion to Dame Palin that perchance she might learn a little something of slave history by experiencing the delectable taste of feces in her own mouth.

Nonetheless - that is not to say that The Gadfly does not possess any cultivated societal manners at all dear readers.  On the contrary - The Gadfly acknowledges that admonishing Sarah Palin to eat a mouthful of shit on national television was invariably hurtful to her and her legion of acolytes and groupies.  Therefore, if it is any comfort to those aggrieved citizens, The Gadfly would cheerfully go out of his way to make certain that Madame Palin's main dish of steaming-hot poop is made boundlessly more palatable for her forked tongue by adding a nice parsley garnish, a hearty soup of the day on the side, a complementary green salad, topped off by a glass of the house's finest, French Bordeaux wine.


**Oh - and btw -- The Gadfly continues to wait, in vain most assuredly, for the day that Sarah Palin issues an apology to his self and the rest of sane America for her public statement that American law and government should be "based on the God of the bible and the ten commandments."  A statement, which as it should be recognized, would sound perfectly acceptable coming out of the mouth of a member of The Taliban or Al Qaeda instead of someone with American presidential aspirations.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Same Old Fucking Story . . . .

The Gadfly is a week late and a dollar short on this story, but that doesn't make it any less relevant to the ongoing national conversation about the epidemic of deadly gun violence in America and our country's leader's embarrassing and sickening dearth of courage to do anything meaningful about it.

The headline of the article cited below states, "I'd hate to be a former Zimmerman juror today."  The connotation being that the jurors in the Zimmerman trial should be feeling some level of guilt by their decision to acquit him in the slaying of Trayvon Martin.  The Gadfly could not disagree more.  Those jurors were only following, as instructed, the letter of Florida's stand your ground law and contrary to claims of right wing gun goon types, it most definitely played a crucial role in Zimmerman's acquittal.  So for the writer of this article, to insinuate that the jurors should be experiencing remorse for their vote to acquit, is to completely ignore the fact that those jurors really had no choice in the matter, based on the stand your ground statute, to declare the killing justified and give Mr. Zimmerman his freedom.

What is not in dispute among sound minded Americans is that the blood of 17 year old Trayvon Martin will eternally stain the hands of the politicians in the Florida legislature who passed the insidious and cowardly "stand your ground" gun law in the first place. It is the same blood that stains the hands of the Florida people who voted those politicians in to power and continue to support them along with the "stand your ground" atrocity.  For as a result, George Zimmerman is running around threatening his ex-wife and girlfriend with his guns - and the Florida criminal justice system has yet to find a way to hold him accountable for it.

George Zimmerman is a free man.  George Zimmerman is also a murderer.  Sane people who live in the reality-based universe know it.  Some (too few unfortunately for us all) in the media know it too.


The news that Zimmerman had been arrested again isn’t surprising. It’s just a matter of time before the entitled gun nut and wannabe cop hurts someone else. Just since his release from jail in July, he’s been stopped by law enforcement for speeding at least three times, and police have been called to his home by his estranged wife, who said he threatened her with a gun (she refused to press charges). He also toured the factory that produced the weapon he used to kill Martin. Zimmerman is not now and never was a mild-mannered guy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and reluctantly killed a young thug who attacked him in self-defense; he is himself a thug with an anger problem looking for trouble.

The Gadfly will say it again.  The "stand your ground" law is a law of the cowards, by the cowards and for the cowards.  It gives license to anyone who simply "feels" threatened to whip out their firearm and shoot to kill - regardless if the individual they "feel" threatened by is armed or even within physical contact vicinity.

In the old American West, if a man pulled a gun and shot another man before that other man ever drew his weapon, it would most assuredly result in a charge of murder.  Hell - when the Earps and Doc Holliday faced down the Clanton/McLaury gang in Tombstone Arizona in 1881, the Earps patiently waited until one of the opposition pulled their gun before pulling their own and opening fire.  They did not start shooting solely because they had a "feeling" that their lives were in danger.

But now we have this coward's law which states that one only has to "feel" threatened in order to terminate the life of any individual who has instilled in you some measure of a "feeling" of being a danger to you.  Ultimately, it is just another symptom of America's increasingly paranoid and socially ill culture.  Instead of taking on the hard work of addressing the root causes of gun violence and criminal behavior in our communities, we take the coward's way out by passing laws like "stand your ground" that simply add another layer of irresponsibility and legal malfeasance to a social fabric that is already drowning in a crisis of lost courage and resolve and has had a life preserver made of lead tossed to them.

As it is - the real tragedy here is that George Zimmerman still has his guns and is running around, a free man, waving those guns at anyone who he "feels" threatened by.  Meanwhile, a 17 year old boy lies in his grave, shot down for the crime of being an anonymous minority wearing a hooded sweatshirt and walking with iced tea and candy in George Zimmerman's fiefdom.  The Gadfly believes it is safe to state that Trayvon Martin "feels" nothing at this point in his life.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Unleash The Flying and Shrieking Monkeys!! . . . .

Brace yourselves dear readers for the clamorous cacophony of screeching by the winged baboons proclaiming that this is proof positive that Obama is a Muslim, terrorist appeasing traitor:

November 23, 20139:37 p.m.
GENEVA — Six world powers and Iran reached a preliminary agreement early Sunday to curb Tehran's disputed nuclear program after a marathon negotiating session, potentially ending a decade of stalemate.
After four days of talks that repeatedly appeared ready to collapse, officials announced that they had agreed on a six-month deal aimed at giving Iran limited sanctions relief in return for temporary curbs on its nuclear program.
"Iran, like any nation, should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy, but because of its record of violating its obligations, Iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon," President Obama said in a late-night statement aired from the White House.
"The burden is on Iran to prove to the world that its nuclear program will be exclusively for peaceful purposes," Obama said.,0,5220773.story#axzz2lXdhnzMF

The wingnuts have had a collective erection for starting WWIII with Iran for a long time.  This Obama agreement with the Iranians is certain to cause veins in their foreheads to spontaneously explode and the invective that is assuredly to come the President's way should be quite the entertaining spectacle.

The Gadfly is predicting, and will gladly wager, that there will be at least one charge from the howling simians that by diplomatically compromising with Iran, it signifies that Obama is laying the groundwork for imposing Sharia law over all Americans, declaring his self as Benevolent Dictator for Life, and building FEMA concentration camps to round up and exterminate all dissenters.

The Gadfly's money is on the table . . . .


Barack Nukem . . . . Mastering the Universe From Deep Within His "Luxury Bunker" . . .

Oh fer' fucks sake:

Did President Obama and George Soros plot to murder 300 million Americans by dropping nuclear bombs? Yes! That is, according to right-wing activist Jim Garrow, who now claims to be a former intelligence officer. Erik Rush kicked off his radio show on Tuesday by reading from a Garrow article about how Obama planned to detonate nuclear weapons throughout the US until three heroes in the military stopped him.
Garrow also claims that “Bath House Barry” — after attempting to destroy the United States— will blackmail every politician, military leader and police officer in America to get himself a third term.
After 90 percent of the population has been eliminated, the only people left in the country will be the elites, including Obama and Valerie Jarrett, who will live in luxury bunkers.

There are more audio clips at the link above if you have the stomach for this kind of vomit.

The Gadfly used to just ignore the demented rantings of these far right wingnuts, but then Bill Clinton and Barack Obama fairly won elections and the illness of right wing ideological malevolence, not unlike Mad Cow Disease, began to spread like a virus, to the detriment of the country as a whole.

Worse yet - this lunatic radio clown Erik Rush is a regular contributor on Fox "News" - which means he has access to a fairly powerful vehicle for spreading hateful bile like this farther and wider than if he were merely considered just your average street corner screaming nutcase.  The fact that Fox even considers this psychopath of sufficient intellectual and personal integrity to frequently have him on their network as a guest contributor pretty much tells you all you need to know about Fox's penchant for placing infinitely more value on promoting hate-mongering prevaricators than they do on the business of imparting actual news and the truth to their viewers.

But setting aside the journalistic malfeasance and ethics corruption of Fox's "News" division, and as a side note to you dear readers, The Gadfly will tell you that he reached a point about mid way through Obama's first term that he was not going to sit back and let these right wing, flying monkey crackpots throw garbage like this out in to the public sphere of discourse unanswered.

If The Gadfly's conservative friends want to criticize President Obama and his policies, that is fine and great - we can sit down over a beer, look each other in the eye and have a sane debate about it - and The Gadfly does not doubt that there would be areas and issues that we could find common ground on.  But when it comes to this wingnut, Tea Party looney toons bullshit which is nothing more than smearing and hating for smearing's and hating's sake, The Gadfly ain't having none of it - period.  And thus The Gadfly assigned the mission to his self of exposing these repugnant freaks for who and what they are, debunking their infantile and outrageous lies and basically publicly filleting them with, in most cases, their own words, and ridiculing their bullshit to the point that most reasonable people will find them to be so toxic that they not only treat them like lepers, but also share their disgust of them with others.

The ultimate goal is to marginalize them to the point that their shrieking voices become nothing more than a little white noise in the background, meaning we know that they are still out there, but the voices of reason and sanity take the forefront and eventually come to dominate the national discourse.

It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it dammit.  You can thank The Gadfly for taking on such a nauseous task by sharing this shitty little blog with others.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who's got the coupons for the free shrimp cocktail ....

Apparently Caribou Barbie of The Great White North gave an interview to a dead guy's ratfucking political website this past week and the resulting mangling of the English language combined with the Wasilla Wombat's own unique brand of mind numbing idiocy is something to behold.


A central theme of Palin's book is that the fight to preserve something as simple and sacred as Christmas is the "tip of the spear" in the greater battle to preserve the country's freedom and exceptionalism. And she praised for fighting that war on a daily basis.
"You guys talk about this so often in your commentaries there on Breitbart about American exceptionalism," Palin said. "You guys explain to Americans how important it is to understand why we are exceptional."
Palin said the country is exceptional not because we are "pretending like we're better than anybody else." Rather, she said America was exceptional because "we're different."
"Our government was to be created unlike any other government... to allow individuals equal opportunity to soar, to succeed, to be rewarded for innovation and work ethic ... and all of it is was going to be built on freedom," Palin said.
She then said that "when we see these steps taken"—such as natural birth Nativity scenes and other politically correct scenes gone amok—to erode the country's traditions, Americans can see what "it is going to be like" when "that freedom is stripped away from us even in that arena of celebrating Christmas."
"Then we will certainly lose that exceptionalism," Palin said.

She said she fears on "some days we are already on the road toward" decline, and "we will no longer be the America that we recognize."
"We will be a fundamentally transformed America that so many of us did not sign up for," Palin warned.
Her book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, is not only a celebration of Christmas but also a reminder that if angry atheists and scrooges can audaciously wage wars on Christmas, then the country's most sacred freedoms and liberties will not be forever guaranteed unless Americans fight to ensure that they are.

The Gadfly typically needs to knock back a half dozen shots of luxury tequila before he tackles a Sarah Palin speech or interview, and this occasion is no different.  The Gadfly's breath reeks of fermented Agave as he types this.

Putting aside the The Gadfly's Tequila intake proclivities, let us examine just a bit of Princess Nanook's gibberish (italicized in the excerpt above just for you dear reader).

Christmas is the "tip of the spear" in the country's battle to preserve the country's freedom and exceptionalism.

So Sarah Palin is of the belief that freedom and "exceptionalism" must be saved, and the proof of it is the "War on Christmas."

Let's stop right here.  If you are reading this blog and you believe what Sarah Palin is saying, please, please, please -- go to your nearest mini- market, buy some Mentos and a pint of Coke, then run to your nearest public restroom, pour the Coke in the toilet, drop the Mentos in an then stick your dumb-ass head in.  And The Gadfly thanks you.

What the fuck is the definition of "American Exceptionalism?"

Here's The Gadfly's definition:

Does anyone (sane) actually listen to this twit known as Sarah Palin any more?

OK -- next ...

Palin said the country is exceptional not because we are "pretending like we're better than anybody else." Rather, she said America was exceptional because "we're different."

Ok -- this stupid twit (sorry ladies) just said that we are pretending that America is better than anyone else. And then she says that we're exceptional because we are "different."

Yeah - this was fucking pretending:

And America is exceptional because "we're different."?

Really you fucking encyclopedia challenged fucking nitwit?

Different than this?

And if you haven't figured it out by now dear reader, The Gadfly has gathered his botellas and is on to the next scene of :

She then said that "when we see these steps taken"—such as natural birth Nativity scenes and other politically correct scenes gone amok—to erode the country's traditions, Americans can see what "it is going to be like" when "that freedom is stripped away from us even in that arena of celebrating Christmas."


"Natural birth Nativity scenes" "? ....

Hmmmm ... even that one has The Gadfly digging deep in to his vaunted trivia cesspool .... ..... and he comes up with --- Fucking nothing.

She pulled it straight out of her Alaskan ass.

Ok ...

She said she fears on "some days we are already on the road toward" decline, and "we will no longer be the America that we recognize."

And to think some people in this country wanted to put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

The Gadfly had determined that those people are fucking lunatics.

The Gadfly yields this piece:

Cuz The Gadfly is just fucking sick of you fuckers. ... :)


Here We Go Again . . .

[ Click Pic For Large Version ]

The Gadfly is knee-jerk suspicious of this, and for good reason:

U.S. Military Considers a Mission to Train Libyan Security Forces
Published: November 17, 2013
SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — The United States military is considering a mission to train Libyan security personnel with the goal of creating a force of 5,000 to 7,000 conventional soldiers and a separate, smaller unit for specialized counterterrorism missions, according to the top officer at the United States Special Operations Command.
Speaking on Saturday at the Reagan National Defense Forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library here, the commander, Adm. William H. McRaven, said no final decisions had been made about a training mission to support Libya, where militia violence has increased in recent days.

Does The Gadfly truly have to dig back in to, not even distant, American history to analyze the miserable outcomes of every scenario where American military "advisers" were sent in to other nations that were embroiled in internal strife, to train that country's military, to validate his view that this is not a very good idea?

Look how many fucking years we have spent trying to train the Afghan security forces.  And they are still nothing but an ragtag army of Gomer Pyles and Barney Fifes.

When will we fucking learn our lesson that all the goddamn bombs and missiles and drones and Marines and military advisers in the world can't fix all of these other country's problems?


The Gadfly would be happy to perform and compile the research, and it would not be very taxing, demonstrating that this country's track record of sticking it's military industrial complex pig snout in other country's slop troughs is abysmal at best, but will it make a difference?  Highly unlikely.

This bullshit just needs to stop - once and for all.


Oh Dear Jeebus . . . . Save Us All . . . .

The Gadfly just finds this utterly mind-boggling -- not to even mention horrifying:

Environmental Protection Agency chief Gina McCarthy will testify Thursday morning before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, whose members plan to grill her about strengthening the agency’s transparency and accountability. Seventeen out of twenty-two Republican members of the committee, or 77 percent, are climate deniers. The members’ refusal to accept the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change dovetails with their open disregard for the EPA and the work it does.

Seventeen out of the total of 22 Republicans assigned to the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology are flat out deniers of global climate change.  Imagine that.

Shit - the Republicans might just as well as assign a rep who disavows evolution and believes the earth is only 9,000 years old to the House Science committee.

Or better yet - assign someone who is Christian Fundamentalist nutcase, and believer that Armageddon end times are near, to the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

Oh wait!!  Fuck!

This is your completely insane, modern-day Republican party folks and it really ought to scare the goddamn living shit out of you -- providing, of course, that you're not as batshit insane as they are.

Sigh . . . .


The Gadfly's Ode to Richard Bruce Cheney . . . .

Tell The Gadfly he is wrong to associate this lovely and memorable song with Dick Cheney:

Yes - tell The Gadfly he is wrong.


A New Heart, But Still Heartless . . . .

[ Click Pic For Enlarged Version ]

The Gadfly has always known that Dick Cheney was a heartless sociopath -- watch the Larry King interview in this article's link - you can just sense the malevolence oozing from him.  It is creepy beyond description.

This totally validates The Gadfly's observations of the man's character:

In the interview, King asked Cheney if he wants to find out about his donor. The former VP, ignoring the fact that as one of the world’s most connected people, he can, just by picking up a phone, find out anything about anyone, said that they don’t initially want you to know about the donor but even if they did, “it hasn’t been a priority for me.”
And then, in the part where sentient humans would get emotional, Cheney dryly describes the euphoria of having “my new heart” instead of “someone else’s old heart.”
Oh, but lest you think Cheney is a complete monster, he “generically” thanks organ donors.
When I came out from under the anesthetic after the transplant, I was euphoric.  I’d had–I’d been given the gift of additional lives, additional years of life.  For the family of the donor, they’d just been [through] some terrible tragedy, they’d lost a family member.  Can’t tell why, obviously, when you don’t know the details, but the way I think of it from a psychological standpoint is that it’s my new heart, not someone else’s old heart. And I always thank the donor, generically thank donors for the gift that I’ve been given, but I don’t spend time wondering who had it, what they’d done, what kind of person.

Dick Cheney blissfully sent young men and women to fight and die for no goddamn good reason at all except to enrich his friends in the military industrial complex.  It is wholly unsurprising to know that he is completely disinterested in knowing anything about the human being who gave him life with a donor heart, or even the family of the loved one who was Dick's savior donor.

Dick Cheney is a amoral degenerate.  A dry drunk and coward and it's a goddamn shame that conservatives have elevated him to a prominent pedestal within their movement.  History will not be kind to Dick Cheney or those who enabled his rise to political power.

The Gadfly, as a personal rule, does not wish ill will upon his political adversaries - and especially not the ultimate penalty - death.  However, in the case of Richard Bruce Cheney, The Gadfly must confess that he is repulsed just knowing that he shares oxygen on this planet with such a fiendish sadist.  And it goes without saying that when Dick Cheney departs this plane of existence, The Gadfly will not shed tears and will sleep quite comfortably knowing that the world will be a better, and kinder place sans the man called Dick.

And that is about all that The Gadfly has to say on this sordid matter.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh Dear! What Will We Tell The Children?? . . .

[ Click Pic For Enlarged Version ]

This story was from a month ago and The Gadfly must have been snoozing to have missed it, but boy, oh boy, oh boy -- this is just so magnificently rich that The Gadfly is slapping his forehead, Home Simpson style, for not having caught it at the time:

Tucked away in a Washington Post story about a Potomac high school teacher accused of molesting female students over a thirty-year period is the fact that more than 90 people — including former ABC World News anchor Charlie Gibson and former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr — wrote letters on his behalf.
The teacher, Christopher Kloman, pleaded guilty this summer to four counts of indecent liberties with a child younger than 14 and one count of abduction with intent to defile. Kloman, who students testified that they used to call "The Wolf," taught at the school from 1966 to 1994.
It's not immediately clear why Gibson and Starr wrote the letters, although Starr's daughter attended the Potomac School, graduating in 1998.

So let us dear readers take a moment to digest the delightfully entertaining irony of this ignominious little tale - shall we?

First - a little background history:

Ken Starr, for those who may not be learned of American political history of the past 35 years, is the guy whom the conservatives and Republicans hired as an attack dog to investigate the infamous Clinton Whitewater land deal during Bill Clinton's first term in 1994 - an investigation which magically morphed in to an expansive, and quite expensivewitch hunt and smear operation of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  By the time the dust had settled and Vicar Starr's star chamber  proceedings had concluded, it became clear that the whole contemptible affair had magically morphed in to multiple parallel investigations of the Clinton's finances, their investments history, Mrs. Clinton's former law office work, and of course Bill Clinton's sexual history.

The end result, as we all know, was the persecution of and impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton for prevaricating about being on the receiving end of, by all known evidence, a fabulous blow job in the Oval Office.  Every single one of Starr's expanded side investigations yielded absolutely ZERO charges against the Clintons and as far as the original Whitewater deal goes, it turned out that the Clintons were actually victims of fraud on the land transaction and not involved in any illicit goings-on in the matter.

Factoring in the 7 years of Starr's investigation of the White House Travel Office incident and the expanded Whitewater/Travel Office/Rose Law Firm/Blow Job inquiries, and more than $70 million in taxpayer funds, one would think that there would have been something they could have found to charge the Clinton's with.  But they had nothing - absolutely nothing.  But that was no surprise to those of us who closely followed that inquisition - for it was quite evident that partisan vindictiveness oozed from every pore of the proceedings from ignoble beginning to blundered end.

Kenneth Starr was the right's and the Republican's knight in shining armor.  A former federal judge and Solicitor General under Poppy Bush.  He was a converted Christian who wore his religiosity on his sleeve, and an eminent presence in GOP politics.  His legal credentials were impressive and impeccable - mostly in government positions.  It was clear that the GOP viewed Starr as their silver bullet to slay the dreaded and formidable Clenis.

Fast forward to present day.  Kenneth Starr, the man who snooped relentlessly in to Bill Clinton's sex life to the point of catching the man having oral sex (the HORROR!) and then fibbing about it, has written a letter to a judge asking for mercy for a scum bag, who over a 30 year period, sexually molested multiple teen-age girls.

Do you dear reader see the irony, and of course, the brazen hypocrisy of one Mr. Kenneth Starr here?  He was the conservative's righteous and moral judge, jury and would-be executioner in the quest to use Bill Clinton's sexual peccadilloes as a weapon to destroy him politically.  Yet here he is now asking a court to bestow forgiveness on a serial child rapist, who by all accounts, appears to be a long time acquaintance of Mr. Starr and his family.

And you dear readers still wonder why The Gadfly has such a visceral level of contempt for the conservative movement and it's adherents?  Put quite simply -- they are frauds and charlatans and their constant bellyaching about other people's morals and lifestyles is nothing more than a cynical effort to deflect attention away from their own sanctimonious moral shortcomings.  And in The Gadfly's view, that goes straight to the heart of the integrity and trustworthiness of their movement and leaders.

And that is about all that The Gadfly has to say about this sordid matter.


Chris Hayes Gets It . . .

Chris Hayes on MSNBC echos The Gadfly's revulsion at the NY Times comparing the website glitches of the ACA rollout to Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath.

But Hayes takes it a step further - he expresses his abhorrence for the conservatives and their detestable spokespeople who are publicly expressing glee at the prospect of the ACA failing as well as for the GOP run states who are denying access to affordable health for their economically strapped people by rejecting the Medicaid expansion part of the law.  Hayes then equally excoriates the weak-kneed Democrats (mostly the conservative Blue Dogs) for being the gutless backstabbers that they are, and in the end reminds everyone of the 65 year struggle in this country to do something about the sad state of the health care system which leaves way too many people uncovered and at the mercy of fate in that an injury or catastrophic illness could leave them financially destitute and their lives ruined.

Anyhow, it's a good piece and The Gadfly is glad that MSNBC has Hayes on during the traditional news hour slot, for every person who is watching his hour-long show equates to one less person not being bamboozled and lied to by the mainstream/corporate news hacks.

Here u go:


And The Gun-Foolery Continues --- Round and Round it Goes, Where it Stops, Nobody Knows . . .

For the umpteenth fucking time -- The Gadfly is not anti-gun.  The Gadfly, however, is most definitely anti-morons with a gun -- which unfortunately for all of us, there exist a great many in this country.

WILKESBORO, N.C., Nov. 14 (UPI) -- Police in North Carolina said they are searching for a man whose gun accidentally fired during a conversation about the Second Amendment at a store.
Wilkesboro police said the unidentified man was engaged in a discussion about the Second Amendment and gun rights at the GNC store Tuesday evening when he took out his gun to show an employee and accidentally fired off a round into a printer, WFMY-TV, Greensboro, reported Thursday.
The employee told police the man said he "could not go down for this" and fled the store.
Police are asking members of the public to come forward with any information about the incident.

Lovely -- these gun nuts cannot even hold a civil conversation in a public venue without whipping their pistols out like Billy The Kid in order to augment their viewpoints.  Immature buffoons.

The Gadfly is convinced that the gun manufacturers, The NRA and the gun goon crowd will not be satisfied until every American street looks like this:

It's their wet dream Utopia.

Oh - and bravo to yet another senseless killing in Michigan, where a 19 year old girl, who after being involved in an auto accident, knocked on the door of a suburban white guy's home only to to have the guy blow her face off with a shotgun from behind his closed and locked door because he was "standing his ground."

If ever in the history of this country existed a more insidious law - it's this stand your ground bullshit.  It is a law of cowards, by cowards and for cowards and the unnecessary bloodshed that is resulting and will continue to result from this law is on the hands of the NRA, the arms companies and the gun goon people who cowardly promoted it and implemented it as law.

And that is about all that The Gadfly has to say on this sordid matter.


Reality In Moderation . . . Try It Some Time...

Bill Moyers has a pretty good article analyzing the histrionic outrage from the right wing in reference to the ACA subsidies.  It truly does expose the conservatives willful ignorance on the issue and underscores how once again the conservative movement, just like when they railed against the creation of Social Security and Medicare, are behind the historical curve of human progress.

It's a good read and not too long and there are several links to supporting articles.  Here's an excerpt:

It also dovetails perfectly with the overarching mythology that animates today’s conservative movement: the belief that there exists a large group of shiftless people whose lifestyles are subsidized by an increasingly overburdened class of hard-working Americans. It’s the ‘makers versus takers’ narrative that animates the movement – from the lowliest right-wing blogger to Mitt Romney’s claim that 47 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes and refuse to take care of themselves.
It’s also complete nonsense. The reality is that virtually all Americans are, at various stages in their lives, both “makers” and “takers.”
Americans subsidize each other all the time, in dozens of ways, and the biggest beneficiaries are not the poor, but the middle class and the wealthy. But as Suzanne Mettler, a professor of government at Cornell University, found in her research, many of those receiving taxpayer subsidies don’t realize it. In fact, according to Mettler’s 2008 study, “94 percent of those who had denied using [government] programs had benefited from at least one; the average respondent had used four.”
In other words, many of those hardworking “taxpayers” outraged at the idea that they’re now being asked to subsidize health insurance for people with modest incomes themselves enjoy mortgages, health insurance, retirement accounts and other social goods that are being subsidized by other taxpayers, including those at the bottom of the income ladder.

It is one of the reasons why The Gadfly has had such a caustic disposition toward the Tea Party flim-flammers.  They don't even bother to take the time to study the issues that they bitch and moan about.  Their whole shtick is based solely on the precept that if a Democrat proposes a policy - and especially if that Democrat is the negro, Kenyan usurper, then they just knee-jerk oppose it.  No critical thinking, no sober analysis, no debate, -- just obtuse no.  And to top it off, they have no ideas themselves and they don't care that they have no ideas or vision.  As long as they can stifle progess, then they feel that they have won the battle.  Their demeanor is, quite frankly, childish and heedlessly destructive and with real-life consequences for people.

Go read the article - you will learn something - guaranteed.